Sash Windows

sash window

Sash windows restoration and repairs:

Sash windows are popular traditional windows often found in many period buildings. They have one or more moveable panels. These are slid over the top of each other so a gap can be created.

Sash windows are incredibly sought after, which is one reason why it is so essential that you maintain them and treat them with care. They can add substantial value to your property whilst playing a vital role in shaping its character. They are able to lift and fall easily due to the weighted systems that are built into them. They are also referred to as a sliding sash or vertical sliders. The windows have been a common sight at home across the UK for over 300 years.

Our careful procedure:

We use strict, careful procedures to avoid damaging your sash windows when we are repairing them. Sash windows can appear to be in a worse state of disrepair than they are in reality. Even when windows appear to have suffered substantial damage, it’s often the case that only a small amount of timber has actually decayed and that the correct repair method can return them to an excellent condition. Water penetration is one of the most common causes of decay, but we can be counted on to put things right and deliver the solution that you require.

Repair services

We are able to offer a number of sash repair services:

  • Including replacing pulleys,
  • Repainting your windows and
  • Adding new double glazing to your windows

Our sash window repair services can:

  • Reduce your energy bills by diminishing draughts and rattles,
  • Reduce the amount of noise coming in from outside,
  • Make your windows easier to operate and
  • Add extra value to your property, resulting in an excellent return on investment.

We can route out decaying timber to expose the quality timber, splice in new timber if the existing timber cannot be repaired and use our special epoxy resin to fill cavities, matching the current profile of the timber. We can replace sash cord and balance your sashes to improve performance. Contact us today to find out more about our sash restoration and repair services.




We use only proven top quality materials and hardware. Eliminate draughts and rattles, Reduce outside noise.



Our products feature the most advanced locking mechanisms. Secure locking systems and Georgian bars will ensure you feel safe in your home



Sash windows are extremely easy to maintain. requiring just an occasional clean to be kept in good working order.



Excellent durability. Capable of lasting for decades, it is strong, tough and incredible resilient, making it perfect for use in windows around the home.